Development, Distribution, Innovation

We love perfect surfaces!

For over 25 years, E.V.I GmbH has been leading the way in the treatment of damage or signs of ageing on surfaces with its highly successful brands DISPLEX and QUIXX.

Our innovative products

  • Screen protector for smartphones and tablets
  • Do-it-yourself products for repairing surfaces such as glass, plastic, paint & metal

keep us focused on one goal: The benefit for our customers.

We hope to save you costly expenditures for repairs or new purchases of your cherished belongings.

25 years of expertise have taken us to where we are today: We are leaders in surface repair and surface protection in some countries with our successful brands DISPLEX and QUIXX.

Our company name E (Entwicklung- development) V (Vertrieb - distribution) I (Innovation - innovation) is our mantra!